Friday, January 21, 2011

Camp Creative

Well the Camp has come and gone and I have taken this week to chillax and come back to earth.
It was quite a challenge and I am very glad I had this experience. My helper Lynette and I were absolutely dumbfounded when we realised we had 80% beginners. I am used to a class with a mixture of experienced as well as beginners. We certainly were kept on our toes as the students got under way with their projects.

Here is a picture of the classroom with students busy concentrating on their projects. We had lots of rain while there and I couldn't get into town one day as the road was cut due to flooding and fallen trees.
I have a 4WD car so "off road" I went, up and over the hills along a fire trail to get into town - I'm glad there was someone showing me the way as I would most certainly have gotten lost - there were so many trails to choose from.
I arrived a couple of hours late however Lynette had the class well underway for which I am most grateful. Some five students also couldn't make it into class as they were cut-off by the floods.
 Pepe and Nikita smiling for the cameras. Pepe is one of the experienced ladies and hopes to be teaching jewellery making basics for kids at Camp Creative next year. I am sure she will do a great job of it as she is great with kids, having two boys of her own.

 This is Hannah, wearing her finished "beaded bead" necklace. A lovely choice of colours. For a beginner Hannah was very quick to catch on and very quick in producing the items she chose. I urged Hannah to continue with the beading as I felt she would excel in this craft and she certainly seemed to enjoy it.

On the left is Heidi wearing one of the "Cleopatra" netted collars. This necklace was very popular with the ladies as we had five made during the week.
Note there is one male student in the class - Hector, an experienced art jewellery maker specialising in polymer clay and PMC -  alongside him is Elissa also an experienced beader based in Grafton and often a prizewinner in beading competitions. I enjoyed having a beer with Elissa and her sister one afternoon after class. Nice people.

The week went so fast. I heard the ladies enjoyed themselves and some are hoping I will return again next year.
Coming home and sitting with it for a few days, knowing more of what to expect and what to cater for I feel I would enjoy experiencing this again .- that is if they will have me back !!

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