Friday, January 7, 2011

Camp Creative

Off to Camp Creative teaching five days from Jan 10-14th.

More than a week of unimaginable preparation I am close to ready and feel heaps more buoyant after having felt like I would never get ready in time. I wanted to achieve this goal, teaching at Camp Creative, but didn't give much thought to what was involved. Now I know - OMG !!! -  I am still glad to be going and you certainly earn your dollars.

I am looking forward to the classes and have a heap of projects to teach covering all from beginners to experienced. I have had fun putting together some great kits for necklaces, earring, rings, bracelets, pendants etc. so I doubt there will be anyone unoccupied or disappointed in what I have to share.

I have never taught 5 days in a row before and am wondering how I shall go and how my energy levels will fare.

I intend replenishing myself, each afternoon, wandering around the beautiful property of friends Hector & John at Mt Kalang.. They have a lovely home with a river running through it and there is a great swim hole to refresh yourself in at the end of each day. How lucky am I ??!!

I will be taking pics of the classes and will post them on the blog so be sure to check in for the stories.

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  1. Sounds awesome Pat, I would love to do that. Have a great time! Looking forward to hearing all about it and seeing pics.