Saturday, October 21, 2017

Venetian Mirrors tutorial now released

I have always loved looking at "Venetian Mirrors". Whenever I pass a store that has one of these mirrors I stop and admire the sparkle, the catching of light, the etching and various layers of the mirror. I have promised myself to one day buy one for my home.

In 2012 I sat down with some Swarovski crystal rivolis, bicones, some Fancy Stones in settings with nickel seed beads and attempted to design something along the lines of a Venetian Mirror.

Above and to the left is my first attempt. This certainly captured that level of sparkle and when I showed it on media I received heaps of interest, with many ladies wanting the pattern.
Unfortunately I wasn't writing tutorials then and it was way beyond my capabilities to do so.

In 2016 I was asked to teach the bracelet, but I knew it needed to be streamlined and made easier for teaching and easier for me to write the tutorial.

So below you have the revised version. Less work in the centrepiece but the rest of the components remained the same.
I added some CRAW for attaching the clasp which also allowed for varying the measurement for the fuller figured woman.

So five years from conception to final release of my "Venetian Mirrors" tutorial.

Just click on the link below if you are wanting to make one of these eye-catching bracelets. You will need your sunglasses when you show this around.


  1. Beautiful substantial bracelet. Love it!
    -Eva Maria

    1. Thanks again Eva Maria, always appreciated.

  2. Patrick, I love this and fully appreciate the "streamlining" needed to create a tutorial and teach your beautiful project. I am especially for a Swarovski Crystal, I love the rainbows in movement that the stone holds and see it is spectacular in your amazing cuff. Congrats!

    1. Hi Marsha, I just noticed your comment on my Venetian Mirrors post, thank you.
      I often think when you post up your latest tutorial how you are going. All seems to be
      full steam ahead for you.
      I have been slowing down on the beading and writing. Needing to just play for awhile
      Thanks again