Saturday, April 2, 2016

Writing, Writing, Writing

In the last couple of months I have hardly touched beads - and I am missing them !!
My beading area is covered with a cloth so things don't get dusty!  Sheeeesh !!!
 This is not a complaint, just stating how I feel. 

I started out playing with beads and fell in love with bead-weaving. I got the chance to play
everyday and see what I could create. Somewhere along the journey my creations were
in demand so I added writing tutorials to my skills. Sometimes I enjoy writing as I can be 
creative in the writing, layout and look of my tutorials. It is very gratifying to illustrate a
tutorial and when all is finished the illustration looks just like the piece you created….thank God!
But other times I just get fed up with writing as it feels never-ending.  

It was said to me recently that I should sit and design and when I have a new piece, write the tutorial straight away. Yes, I agree, but that is in an 'ideal world'.
If I am flowing with designing I don't want to stop, generally one design leads to another design,
to another design and so on…….when designing juices flow you have to go with it. Don't you agree???

The problem with that is I end up with five or six new things and then I am ready to write!!!
The Buddhists say endeavour to achieve the "balance" in life. At 65 I am still struggling with that one.

Well enough griping from me.

Today, I am very pleased to share "Oriental Rose" 
the third class I am teaching in New York in June. I hope you like this one also.
For more information on classes, click on the image below.


  1. Oriental Rose is beautiful! Looking forward to the new pieces.

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    1. Thank you for visiting my blog and sending your message. Much appreciated.

  3. Wonderful shapes and colors. Love it!
    -Eva Maria

    1. Thank you Eva Maria, the colours were risky but I feel they worked.


  4. Patrick, I love your designs. They are so fresh.
    I understand exactly, what you mean. Sometimes I am also missing my beads, when I prepare kits or write instructions but like you say, I love it too.

    1. Thank you for your comment, the life of a beader/designer/teacher is not as easy as it seems sometimes.


  5. WOW! Oriental Rose is awesome. I am a relatively new beader so probably above my skill level, but it is so beautiful, if I was nearby I would want to take a class to learn to do this kind of work. Magnificent!

    1. Thank you for your comment, much appreciated. Keep beading


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    1. Thank you for visiting and leaving your comment

      Cheers..... Patrick