Thursday, December 31, 2015

2015 in Review

As 2015 comes to its end I often reflect on the year and take stock.

Less travel this year and no teaching commitments made for a more relaxed schedule. 
Although I felt somewhat lost for a good while there. It was strange not having to be 'on-the-go'.

I had bronchitis early in 2015 - the sickest I can ever remember feeling.
They say when you relax is when sickness can happen. Kind of making room for it.

I again entered the Battle of the Beadsmith with my "Francesca" design and lasted for a few rounds, That was nice to have happen.
I released my "Francesca" tutorial and it is one of my best selling tutorials. 

I entered an Australian competition and was in the top ten finalists. Since it was my own beading community, being in the finalists was very gratifying.

I accepted a teaching gig in USA for 2016 which I am really looking forward to - (more details later).

I managed to have a tutorial published in Beadwork magazine, that was great to achieve. 
You know it takes a year for something like this to happen. Sheesh!!

So, on the achievement level I haven't done too badly.

My passion for beading fluctuated throughout the year, coming and going, returning then leaving again.
New designs have been created - but not shown -  as I have plans for these in 2016.

A long friendship came to an end, without regrets. An even older friendship was renewed and strengthened, with much joy. Wonderful how nature balances !!

My attitude to retiring has shifted somewhat. Having wanted to retire at age 55 (but financially unable to), I am now 65 and financially able to. Earlier this year I realised I enjoy working two days a week. It gets me out of the house and interacting with others - not to mention it pays most of the bills  LOL !
Maybe the "wisdom" gene kicked in as retirement loomed nearer. 
So my job will continue as long as they want me there ! 

Having lived in my current home for over 22 years I am feeling in the need for a change of scenery. 
Maintaining a three bedroom house with front and back gardens is more than I wish for these days.       I have been craving a sea or tree change further out of Sydney but still reachable. 
I am thinking I'll rent my home then rent a property where I would like to live. Sort of  'try before I buy'.  I shall be exploring this further in 2016, after I get my home ready for rental.

That pretty much sums up the events of my year. How would I describe the year ??  
I would say 2015 was 'Grounding' - bringing me back to earth, back to myself, helping me to see 
where I want to go in the near future.

So with the ending of 2015 I wish all a Very Happy New Year
and may 2016 bring your heart's desire. 

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  1. Best Wishes for a spectacular sounds like you have an amazing journey ahead.
    -Eva Maria