Monday, July 21, 2014

Signature Collection

I wanted to share some of my 'signature collection' with you today - My Happy Brooches - so called because people who see them comment and say they make them feel Happy. 
What a nice thing to achieve and to do - make people feel Happy.

When my life is busy and I am needing a beading fix there is nothing I enjoy more than making a small project. These brooches (or pendants) mostly take 3-4 hours to make, enable me to enjoy a project and get it finished at the same time. 
They are great for experimenting with colour. You can see I experiment wildly and a lot with colour.

Below the large image is my first 'Happy Brooch' for which I recently released the tutorial.
If you wish click on the link below and it will take you to my Artfire Store.

Alongside is another of my playful early designs using four layers of colour.                       

This one is a dagger brooch and I love this colour

The other reason I love making these is I get to figure out how to use new beads.
On the left we have two hole bricks being used.
They sure do attract light in real life.

On the right is an example of a rivoli centre Happy Brooches.
Also successful.

Here we have my "Crystal Passion Flower" so named as a friend suggested it looked like a Passion Flower. This will go into my teaching portfolio and I hope bring me more classes.

My next on the left is my Cupchain brooch, using cupchain for the first time and the new two hole Piggy Beads.

On the right another very colourful Piggy bead design/experiment. 
I really enjoy working with new beads and lots of colours.

 Here we have totally new beads and my most recent pieces.

I found rubber 'O' rings and very colourful acrylic one hole lentils whilst at the Bead and Button Show. 
Using them this way I can also translate into using the glass versions.

All in all these 'Happy Brooches' have become my 'signature' pieces. I don't mind, it is a good way to be instantly recognisable. 


  1. I just love your Happy Brooches! :)

  2. Thank you very much appreciated

  3. Beautiful brooches . They really seem to sparkle with happiness and joy :)

  4. Thank you very much, a lot of people would agree with you.