Friday, March 21, 2014

Inspiration - Where does it come from?

I have written a post on the Bead Mavens blog about Inspiration and where it comes from,
just click on the link below and you will be taken there

you may learn something for doing so.


  1. Thank You for these ideas. I could add one more thing I just found out: working on something, trying some nem pattern also gives me inspiration, ideas that I could do some other thing in the ways the tutorial shows me! Congratulation for the post, and for all the beauty You make!

  2. Hi,Patrick:
    Nice way of describing Your inspirations.
    Precious ideas for many Beaders.
    Very decorative 'Echinoderm' bracelet,but I have got some doubts
    concerning the design:
    Is it really Yours?
    I've seen it in the cover of the book by Jean Power :
    'Small Beads Big Jewellery'-30 unique pieces to make :-)

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