Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Battle of the Beadsmith update

BOTB13 Update. 

I spent yesterday morning joining 12 components with trepidation. I wanted my main components to sit exact and in a certain way and have been really concerned there would be buckling. 
Pheeeewwww! - no buckling!!! 
I then sat looking at my design pinned to a bust for the first time....and I thought to myself 
"Now what do I do?" 
I am not one for drawing out my ideas. I have tried at times but they always morph into something else. I usually get an idea, make the bits, wait for the next bit to be shown etc etc. 
It is an evolvement for me. 

I have spent this morning exploring possibilities, doing - "nah too much of this colour, tone it down" - undoing and doing with two colours - "nah too busy" - undoing and doing a seperate sample 
piece - "nah too big overall" - undoing again. 

Got out a different bead and started adding this - "hmmmm that looks interesting, colour works " - worked on it further and I like what I have done. Put it back on the bust -
 "ggrrrr buckling is happening, damn". 

Good news is I can fix that and I now feel I know where I am going.

Some of you may be asking, "how come Patrick is sharing so much about BOTB?" 
I just want to let aspiring designers know that experienced beaders/designers don't just create a necklace design as easily as a magician does a rabbit out of a hat. It is trial and error and trial and error, hair gets pulled out, tempers flare, frustration abounds etc etc etc. 
and it can get even worse when you have a time limit.

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