Friday, October 19, 2012

Venetian Mirrors

I find it frustrating not sharing my designs so here you have a small section
of my current work in progress.

I have been experimenting with Swarovski montees making this cuff and I am 
more than thrilled with the results.
In fact I think this is the most beautiful piece I have made so far.

Difficult to capture the amount of "bling" in a picture but trust me, you need your sunglasses on when you look at this in real life.

I have called it "Venetian Mirrors" as it reminds me of those elaborate
mirrors with the etched glass.


  1. Love those mirrors. This is a beautiful piece, love the architecture.

  2. This one looks interesting and pretty - nice bling - and thanks for sharing - Sandy

  3. Looks very shining waiting to see the completed jewelry