Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vintage Lace - SOLD 18/05/10 YAY!!!

Here is the result of more experimentation -  a necklace reminiscent of Vintage Lace.            Who would imagine by doing a simple decoration around a bead one could come up with so many varied combinations and achieve a necklace that is intricate, feminine, elegant and has a distinctive Vintage look about it??       I am really thrilled to have designed this piece and can see many more ideas eventuating from this one project.  The necklace is made entirely of black size 11/0 seed beads and 146 Czech crystals with a Swarovski Crystal drop at the front. I now need to make one entirely of Swarovski crystals. What a stunner that would be!!!    I am now off for a holiday by the sea for 5 days. A well earned rest and I am only taking books to read, no beads !   OMG !                                          


  1. NO BEADS!!!!??? you are a brave man Pat, not sure I could cope.
    Necklace looks great!

  2. Mr Duggan

    I had the privilege to see your handiwork recently. They are so beautiful, in my language we say 'cantik sekali' which means very beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing:)


  3. Well done on the vintage lace - but I liked that one - Sandy