Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Stars, Stars, Stars

This is a pic of a star medallion I beaded some time ago made up of mauve/grey pearls, pale grey centre shell pearl and delicas. I went through a phase of making stars and seeing how many points I could create.
I found there is symbolism for the number of points e.g. a 6 pointed star represents the old testament symbols for God with two triangles overlaid, the triangle with point up is masculine, point down feminine. The 8 point star is the St John ambulance symbol and the Maltese Cross symbol but also the star that guided the wisemen at the time of Christ's Birth, the star of Ishtar (Venus) first star in the sky at night and last in the morning.
8 Pointed stars symbolise an awareness beyond the physical realm.
This pic is the 7 pointed star which is known as the Southern Cross and appears on the Australian Flag.
The acute heptagram is known as the Elven Star or Fairy Star, a sacred symbol to Wiccans who follow the Faery tradition. It has also been adopted as an identifier by members of the Otherkin subculture.
Don't you just love the symbolic meaning of what resonates with us ? Does this mean I know Faeries ??

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