Tuesday, February 2, 2010

White Goddess

The picture on the right is a necklace I created to resemble 'french lace'
I decorated around different types of beads and then linked these beads together to form this free style necklace. I spent a lot of time creating this unique necklace and it seems to have become a piece you use as 'credentials' when someone wants to see your work.
The necklace was placed in the A&E Metal Annual Exhibition "Explorations 08".
Any comments appreciated.


  1. WOW Pat, welcome to blog land! Your blog looks fantastic, punchy, full of colour and the photo's are so clear!
    This necklace is incredible, you are so talented. How you continue to do amazing things with beads inspires me to think of new ways to do bags :-)
    Well done on the blog, I'm sure you will have a strong following.

  2. This piece is absolutely beautiful. To be honest, I am not normally a big fan of beading, but this is just stunning.