Monday, February 19, 2018

Packing up and Moving House

This is a short post letting you know I am taking a break from my blog for a short while.
For around 18 months I have been looking for a new home and a few weeks ago I found one I
love and was fortunate enough to purchase.

Now all my time is spent preparing my current home for sale. I have been packing for a
week and can only just see some empty spaces. Heaps more to still pack. Twenty five years in the
one place one accumulates a lot of stuff.

I shall be back to beading and sharing in the not too distant future.    Happy Beading!!!

Here are pics of the new home and my future living area and pool. I have never had a pool before so it may get turned into a fish pond....LOL



  1. Congratulations Patrick on your wonderful find. Looks like a fabulous "light box" for nourishing your artist endeavors.

    -Eva Maria

    1. Hi Eva Maria,
      apologies for taking so long to respond. The new home is very conducive for continuing my creativity.
      My current home is now on the market and looking pretty good, even if I do say so myself ;-)


  2. It looks beautiful Patrick! I am jealous, but not of the having to pack and move. I am trying to get rid of unused stuff before that time comes, but it is very hard to do. Congratulations on you beautiful new digs!

  3. Hello Marsha,
    Thanks for your message, sorry I took so long to respond, I have been a bit busy.
    I have been readying my current home for selling, happy to say it went on the market last Saturday. Good response so far.
    When I actually pack and move I will divest myself of more unwanted items. I certainly intend keeping the possessions down in the future otherwise I am creating a rod for someone else's back.


  4. Congratulations on this beautiful purchase! I will be attempting Venetian Mirrors soon...thank you so much for the beautiful design. I will share pics of the finished product when I am done. I am going for an antique look ;) Enjoy your new space.(Pat)